Faith - History - Earth Science - E=MC2 - STEM - Society

God - Blessed Trinity (3 in 1)

Persons of God - Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Kingdom of God - One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic

Love of God - Last Supper (Eucharist), Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection

Word of God - Scripture and Eucharist

Word of God - The Bible (Scripture) inspired by Holy Spirit

God as Creator - In the Beginning, God created Heaven and Earth

 1. Beginning = Time  (Past, Present, Future)
2. Heaven = Space (Height, Width, Depth)
3. Earth = Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)
God Created Light (Energy: E=MC2)
Breathed His Holy Spirit of Life across the Earth (Nature)
Created Man in His Image (Mind, Body, Soul)
God Became Man = Jesus Christ (John 3:16)
God in 3 Persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) - Blessed Trinity

God is Love!

Covenants of God - Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus

Family of God - Catholic Church, Communion of Saints

Grace of God - Life, Love, Forgiveness

Mother of God - Humility, Prayer, and the Rosary

Daily Prayer - Bible, Church Fathers, Saints, Angels, Mary, Holy Spirit

The Rosary

Catechism of the Catholic Church